Very punctual, Great service, Great pricing, Fast . Speak to him before contacting the dealership. He will give you a better deal than the dealership. He made me 2 new keys on the same day plus programming.


WOW he is QUICK , efficient, polite, professional and perfectly done with no issues! 24/7 is so amazing . Thank you from the lady you helped with the white ford f15o with camper 🙂


Amazing service and an amazing man. Figured out our key cut in 10 minutes. Don’t look no further than our century man, mr zhang!!!


Very friendly guy professional and fast Def comming back again for any key issues. 10/10.


Excellent,affordable and very fast service. I lost my other set of car keys so i bought another one from Amazon and it needs to be installed by locksmiths.He really did a great job.He deserves a 5 star rating.Thank you


David Zhang sure knows what he’s doing. Great service, very punctual, prices better than at dealerships, and very communicative. Their service is a 5 star necessity!


I lost my car keys up in Grouse mountain and when I called dealerships they were quoting me $600+ for a replacement. Century Locksmith had much more reasonable pricing. Even though someone on the mountain ended up finding our keys, from our brief interaction, we could tell they are very service-oriented and care deeply about their customers. You can tell they take their reputation seriously by how eager they were to resolve the issue with the bad reviewer below. 6 keys and willing to provide a full refund? That’s not a bribe, that’s excellent customer service!


One word. He is a magician. I lost my car key and was trying to call everysingle locksmith available in Vancouver. My car is 2011 ford transit connects. Almost all of the locksmith said NO to me. I was depressed. Luckily i tried his number and he picked up. Fortunately he said that he can make my key and will be there within one hour. Honestly i had lost all hopes but he made my car key within half an hour. I highly recommend him.