Rekey or Replace your Home or Automotive Keys:

Lock Rekey refers to disassembly and repining of your existing locks to allow a new and different key to operate them. This process renders all other keys useless.

Have our Locksmith Rekey or Replace Your Locks When:
1.) Locking Undesirables Out Of A Residential Rental Property (Sheriff Must Attend)
2.) Your Keys Have Been Lost, Stolen Or Misplaced
3.) You Have Just Purchased A New Home
4.) Eliminating Employees At A Workplace
5.) To Protect Your Person, Family Or Property From Someone Who May Be In Possession Of Your Keys
6.) Locking Undesirables Out Of A Commercial Rental Property
7.) Locking Out A Spouse (Spousal Lockout)

Century Locksmith takes great pride in all the work we do, We are not satisfied until you are. Our reputation is our greatest asset. Whether you need keys for your home, business or your automobile, we are the experts you can count on.

Home, business and automotive rekeying.