Break and Enter Repairs:

A burglary is one of the most violating experiences that a homeowner can ever experience. We know how this feels because this because we experienced several of them. The thought of someone in your home, going through your things, is very difficult to deal with. We are experts at repairing or replacing your broken door frames and key locks.

After the trauma of a break-in, it’s extremely important to not only repair the point of forced entry, but to increase your security by reinforcing the areas that were vulnerable to avoid a repeat break-in incident.

Be aware that most contractors and handymen will simply repair or replace the damaged door or door jamb using the same ineffective materials, keeping your entry point vulnerable to future break-ins.

Our repairs utilize the patented Home Invasion Shield technology, which can both repair and reinforce the door and door jamb. In many cases, our solutions can salvage your existing, damaged door and door jamb, saving you the cost of replacing them.

Our security expert will help restore your peace of mind after a criminal invasion or burglary.