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Weiser Touchpad Keyless Deadbolt


On Sale only $149.00


Call for installation 604-588-8111

Easy to Use

Fast, easy entry during bad weather.
The easy touch keypad makes entry quick and safe when it's dark.
One push of a button as you exit will secure your door from outside.
Easy To Program
You choose your own secret personal code consisting of 4 to 8 digits.
Your secret personal code can be changed easily, as often as you desire.
Weiser Lock Tip: Not all criminals are stupid - a four digit code used over years may become soiled. Once the 4 digits are obvious it only leaves a possible 24 combinations. Therefore Weiser Lock recommends a 6 - 8 digit code for further security. It is also recommended to change your code once a year.
If 3 wrong codes are entered in a row a buzzer will sound for 15 seconds and the system shuts down to discourage further guessing.


double side deadbolt

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